Posted at Sat, Feb 22, 2020 7:00 PM

Sally enters her apartment after a long day at work and begins to fix herself something to eat. After a nice meal, she relaxes on the sofa to watch the evening news. She watches it for a while until her phone receives a text, reminding her about the appointment she has. Sally reaches for a VR head set on the end table and puts them on. Clicking on the invite, she’s greeted by a sales consultant as her environment is now inside the showroom floor of a dealership. He guides her through all the features of the 2019 Kia Optima she’s interested in before taking her into an office to go over the numbers with her.

           This hasn’t happened yet but it is on the horizon. Technology has been flirting with Virtual Reality for years and is finally taking the baby steps that will eventually launch it full blast into our world. I like to think of the VR in its Atari stage but I think a lot of that is from the lack of physical mobility inside the VR experience. The applications are endless for every aspect of life from the military – training anywhere in the world, to academics – holding class at the Louvre, maybe shopping for groceries or clothes, or in my field, auto sales.

           If your not paying attention, its time to wake up and begin engaging your IT department and web providers to the technology coming soon. Particularly when mobility is added, customers will eventually be able to walk through your entire dealership, peruse any vehicle they are interested in, and maybe even someday sit down and sign paperwork. Dealer purchasing of inventory will be handled inside a virtual auction where you can see every vehicle you are about to bid on inside and out. These are but a few examples of the endless possibilities. Facebook, Google, Oculus, and Microsoft to name a few are investing heavily in improving the VR experience they bring to the consumer. Likely, you’ll want it front and center on your homepage with an easy tab to set an appointment using the VR experience. The big question is which auto dealer web provider is going to piggy back off this technology and make it available to the dealership website? How will it affect sales per franchise, per state, per dealer? One thing I know, it will change everything.

 – The Buzz

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